Day 69: June 20th

IA Exploration Proposal Worksheet

Day 68: June 17th

200 IA Topic Ideas

Topic Choice Worksheet

IA Criteria Summary

IA Criteria Detail

Day 66: June 8th

More Exponential/Logarithm Practice

Day 65: June 6th

Day 64: June 2nd

Day 63: May 30th 

Formulae not in the booklet

Math Topics and Basic Test Information

Revision Assignment #1

Revision Assignment #2

Revision Assignment #3

Practice Papers (blue textbook)

Day 62: May 26th

Area between Curves Exercises

Day 61: May 23rd

Area Between 2 Curves Video #1 (Exam Solutions)

Area Between 2 Curves Video #2 (Khan) Optional

Day 60: May 19th

Integration Practice WS

Day 59: May 17th

Textbook Scans are here.

Day 57: May 9th

Calculus Revision #1 (IB Questions: Graphs and Differentiation)

Calculus Revision #2 (IB Questions: Motion Practice)

Calculus Revision #3 (Revision Questions from Blue Textbook)

Calculus Revision #4 (Revision Questions from Blue Textbook)

Day 56: May 2nd

Graphs Activity #1

Blank Grids for Graphing Stories

Day 55: April 28th

Day 54: April 22nd

Blue Textbook Scans (Exercise 4I)

Day 53: April 21st

Blue Textbook Scans (Exercise 4G)

Videos for Homework (Due 25 April)

  1. KHAN #1
  2. KHAN #2

Day 52: April 18th

Day 51: April 13th

Blue Book Scans (Max/Min/POI)

Blue Book Solutions (Exercise 4H)

Day 50: April 11th

Day 49: March 23rd

Activity: Concept of a Limit

Day 48: March 21st

Activity: Slope of a Tangent Line


Practice Assessment (To be completed in class on 10/11 March)


Richer’s Solutions

Day 46: March 7th

Haese Textbook Prob/Distribution Textbook pages (Correct SOLUTIONS)

Normal Distribution ex. (Video)

Inverse Normal ex. (Video)


Day 45: March 3rd

Z Score Table


Day 44: February 29th

Day 43: February 24th

Day 42: February 22nd

Day 41: February 18th

Probability Revision (Exercises 1-10)

Day 40: February 15th

Day 39: February 4th

Day 37: January 26th

Statistics Assessment Topic Outline

Linear Regression Practice

Vector Review and Notes

Triangle Trigonometry Revision Exercises (w/ Solutions)

Stats Revision Exercises (Blue Oxford)

Stats Revision KEY


Day 36: January 25th

Day 35: January 21st

Westvaco v. Martin Data

Statistics Revision Problems

Day 34: January 18th

Day 33: January 13th

Day 32: January 11th 

Day 31: January 7th

Day 30: January 5th

Linear Regression Practice (In Class)

Day 29: December 10th 

Starbucks Journal Entry

Starbucks Task Criteria

IB Practice Exponent and Log Problems

Day 27: December 2nd

Review WS #1

Review WS #2

Day 26: November 30th

Graphs of Exponents and Logs WS

Solving Equations (Exps/Logs) Practice (with solutions)


Day 25: November 26th

Day 24: November 25th 

Day 23: November 24th

Day 22: November 19th

Day 20: November 12th 

Day 19: November 9th 

Review Trig Problems for Jigsaw


Day 18: November 5th

Exact Trig Values WS

Exact Values HW

Solutions to HW

Day 17: November 2nd

Day 16: October 22nd

Day 15: October 19th  (Textbook screen shots)

Day 14: October 12th 

The Beauty of Math

Day 13: October 8th

Quadratics/Functions Test Review (OXFORD): Complete circled problems



Using the Discriminant to determine the number of real solutions.


Solving using the Quadratic Formula.


Solving by Completing the Square.


Solving Quadratics with Factoring.  Fast forward to 6:00 to see an example using TiMBA.


Day 12: October 5th

Quadratic Graphs and Modeling WS

Quadratics/Functions Practice Test (OXFORD)

Day 10: September 30th 

Fill in the Gaps Worksheet: Quadratic Equations

Day 9: September 28th 

Linear Functions Practice Test

Day 8: September 21st

Study Guide: Lessons 1.4-1.6

Day 7: September 17th 

Domain and Range Worksheet (optional worksheet)

Day 6: September 14th 

Chessboard: Student Example

Day 5: September 9th/10th 

Vector Review Questions

Vector Review Question Answers

Vector Review WS #2

Day 4: September 3rd/4th

Assignment Page 1

Assignment Page 2

Day 3: August 31st

Vector Practice

Day 2: August 27th

Chessboard Investigation

Day 1: August 26th

Richer’s Biography (D Block)

Richer’s Biography (H Block)

Khan Academy